Rememberance Day Ride - Nov. 11th

I cordially welcome folks to join me for my Annual Rememberance Day Ride.

This year the ride will take place in the valley again, but on different trails. Let’s park in Kentville, ride the rails to trails to Wolfville, up to the Reservoir Park, then return to the Gorge in Kentville and see how we feel as to if we scoot over to the Pumphouse/Bird Sanctuary.

If someone would like to join us halfway or start and leave early that’s all good as well.

We can park at the shop in Kentville so we can hit up a pub post ride for beverages and food.

When: Friday, Nov. 11th. 1:30pm

Where: Meet at Valley Stove and Cycle
Ride to Res park in Wolfville via Rails to Trails
Ride to Gorge via rails to trails

There will be some climbing and some technical stuff to ride, but lots of fun overall.

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I cannot make this one, but have a happy birthday ride @riderx !

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Thanks man, will see you next Tuesday hopefully!

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When I see you on tuesday… I need 2x black ecmtb stickers for @dforest. Hope we still have some.

We do…will have them in tow.

If you came for the hole ride what time do you think it would be done? I’m planing to be up in Truro for around 6 for another ride and just trying to plan my day out.

Probably until it gets dark at 5ish or so.

May not make the ride, but if you’re going for post-ride birthday eats we might join you. Let us know where.

I’m omw, just left Windsor. Maybe a minute late!