Repeat Beginner ride at the LINKS

10 at the Tourist Bureau again, sounds good, figure somethng out…

Sunday July 19 LINKS at 10:30 (can meet again at 10:00 at Kentville Tourist Bureau if anyone wants)
Beginner ride (both sexes welcome)
Had great fun last sunday let’s do it again!

I’ll be there

i might be able to make it…

We have four people for our trek
Floshow you should come on out with us
The more the merrier for anyone else reading it!

jsut a suggestion but maybe a links beginner ride group?

jsut a suggestion but maybe a links beginner ride group?

The problem with a beginner group is that nobody will be a beginner for long! :slight_smile: We’d have to keep booting out the members. Hehe.

oh actualyl I didn’t mean a group in that sense I ment on this forum using the groups feature

ie check the group to see what’s on the go for rides Vs a thread

I’ll be at the Tourist Bureau for 10 so I know where I’m going…

good ride today… you guys left just in time, we got drenched going down the gravity line! lets do it again sometime!

Yup, thoroughly enjoyed the ride, even getting soaked and the cuts’n’bruises :slight_smile:

So is anybody up for another adventure this sunday?
10:00 timewise works well for me.
Somebody just pick the place and lets do it.

I think I’ll be in the Valley on the weekend of August 8th. I haven’t done much other than road riding though, but I’d like to give this a shot, if you guys wanted to plan a ride that far in advance.