Replacement Tires

I currently have a set of 1.95 Kenda Nevegal wire beads that came stock on my Norco Faze 2. Most of my riding is Fight Trail, as I live 5 minutes away, which means lots of granite rock. I find they are wearing out quite quickly, and wanted to know if there are any other tires I should consider which hold up better on this surface, as I also ride Whopper and others with granite.


Nevegals tend to wear quickly on that terrain. In the past I’ve used Panaracer Cinders and they’ve held up nicely. Schwalbes are popular, but I’m not sure on their durability. I’ve been using Kenda small block eights on my 29er. They’re great on the granite, terrible in the mud.

The granite terrain is tough on tires in general.

Where might I find Cinders??? Haven’t seen them in my travels…

I got mine from Sport Wheels. (I’m sure other places must carry them too.)

Had same issues with Nevegals that you are reporting even had sidewall wear on them. Then I switched to Cinders and found them to be pretty good (not as grippy but pretty good overall). About $30, at the time.

I have since switched to a Bontager for my rear tire but am not impressed. (Cannot remember the model though.) I will switch to Cinder again after these are worn.

Get something a little wider if you mostly ride Fight.
2.25 or something like that.

i am currently loving the kenda slant six. take advise by troy dont go any smaller than a 2.0 tire, more stable and a little more forgiving.

[quote=“TURPLE”]Get something a little wider if you mostly ride Fight.
2.25 or something like that.[/quote]

I’ve heard that before. Just curious, how does a wider tire help for that type of riding? Is it better for traction on a side slant?

My own experience proved to me that wider tires provide less flats and allow a more comfortable ride.
You can be a bit more aggressive with more confidence.
Save the skinny tires for XC racing :slight_smile:

I ride Fight Trail quite a bit and I’m using Maxxis Advantage tires- 2.4 EXO on the front and 2.25 on the back- great traction and good volume.

Just replaced my Nevegals with a set of Nobby Nics. Anybody have any opinions on Nobby Nics. Haven’t had an opportunity to ride on them yet. Personally thought the Nevegals were great.

How do I know whether a larger width tire will fit on my bike??? Don’t want to buy something only to find out it will not work…

I have a Nobby Nic on the rear of my Canfield 29er. It’s a decently fast rolling tire with a ton of grip. The rubber compound is on the soft side, so it might not last as long on really rocky terrain, or a lot of pavement. Overall I really like it, and would buy one again.

I don’t spend a whole lot of time riding in the city so I can’t comment how long they would last on the granite but I’ve been having great luck with specialized tires these days. I’ve had good luck with their ground control, purgatory and my personal favourite the butcher!

My Enduro came with a 2.3 Butcher control out front and a 2.3 purgatory control in the back. Great set up for our local riding. Thou I’m swapping the rear for another butcher as I prefer how it feels when it brakes free more then the purgatory. It’s a bit more of a controlled slip then a sudden slide.

I’m moving the purgatory to the front on my hard tail I think it will be a better fit there.