Resevoir Park Wolfville

I rode Resevoir Park for the first time yesterday. Why didn’t you guys tell me about this place sooner?!?!?!?! So much fun!!!

Fantastic work, Trail Flow. You should be very proud of the trail building here. Why can’t we have something like this in Halifax?

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That would involve Halifax wanting to promote recreation rather than new shopping centres or subdivisions.

Seriously though, the park is pretty sweet. Ryan and Michelle make awesome trails. Have you tried Irishman’s Road area yet?

The trails are fun for sure. I find they tend to get boring after an hour of riding and you’ve ridden all the trails in every direction but Ryan and Michelle have done a great job of maximizing the amount of trail in such a small space.

Something like this could happen in Halifax if there was the motivation and someone willing to champion it through the years of process it would take to see it happen dealing with Halifax council. The first big question is what piece of municipal land would be suitable? Then where is the money ($50k+) going to come from?

I haven’t ridden there yet but this Saturday is my birthday and perhaps a ride there is in order.

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Freshly elected councillor Tony Mancini is a rider. I see him frequently at Spider Lake. He’d be the one to lead the charge I would think.


I recently rode at Reservoir Park and Irishman’s Road also… both killer spots!! Have been talking with a friend of mine about doing a Reservoir/Irishman’s/Nine Mile/Cob super ride day… maybe this weekend…

There have been trail talks with the hrm for many years now. They still have not signed off on paperwork for Macintosh run that has been waiting aproval For the fight trail extension. I agree that approaching someone like tony would be a great idea. The city has long stated that multi use crusher gravel path are all they are interested in.

There is a lot of land out past the Shubie Park camp ground heading towards Waverly that would be awesome for a clone of Reservoir Park. If the city would allow people to actually build and maintain something out that way I am sure there would be people who would volunteer for the work. HRM seems a little backwards and slow to do anything, other than developing properties we dont need and trying to push everything downtown Halifax, so even if Tony Mancini wanted to do something, it wouldnt be any time soon.

If you’re in the Windsor area you would be remiss to skip Grey Mountain. Lots of killer new trail in there. Really split up the Reservoir - Irishman’s double by giving you a totally different ride in between. Bonus points if you can ride up ‘through hell and back’.

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There must be a map of that somewhere. I know how to get to the trailhead but would still have to follow someone otherwise.

Pretty sure you can find a map of those trails on Trailforks

Most of the trails are signed now at least to an extent, too. It can be a little tricky to locate the entrance to the xc downhill aka kaz trail but well worth the climb up