RESOLVED - 9 speed derailleur needed ASAP

Hey everyone, was tearing my old bike apart to service and lube everything and the B Screw plate on my Shimano XTR derailleur decide to not want to remain in one piece anymore. I need either an older Shimano that I can rob that piece off (frig knows how many of those there are), or I need a 9 speed derailleur capable of running 11-42t cassette. With the enduro coming up soon, need to get something figured out so I can get practice in.

I’m trying to do this after having a TIA, so means a lot to me to just finish the race if possible.

What’s kicking around out there in parts bins?

For reference, this is the piece in question.

I’ve replaced a few of those over the years and rate it as the most annoying home repair, narrowly beating out freehub body disassemblely.

I’d just find a cheap replacement.

Many and none are the same, ha ha.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade anyway to something with a clutch. But I need to get repairs done ASAP. I had a mini stroke last week and my personal goal is to finish the enduro expert class in two weeks in spite of my attack. I’ve ridden my bike only once around the block since my TIA last week. So in a huge rush to get this going ASAP so I can push myself to be “race ready”. A new unit means Tuesday at the earliest. Used may mean this weekend, and every day counts!

Exactly! Haha. If not for the tiny square hole I could machine one…

Just following up- did you find what you need? I was sure I had an XT derailleur in my parts bin but I must have used it for something or trashed it. If you haven’t found anything, let me know and I can pull an XT of one of the spare bikes here for you to use for the enduro.

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I haven’t yet, looks like I may be going new at this point. Exercise bike only gets me so far. Plus going new may offer me a derailleur with a clutch on it. Looks like a new Deore is only about $100.

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Cool, 10 speed with a clutch is a good upgrade. Every now and then I turn the clutch off and forget to turn it back on before a ride and the noise difference is very noticeable.

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Ended up getting Velofix to come out and sort me out with that and a few other things. I believe the bikes damn near race ready now.