Respect the Trails when they are soft!

I post something similar every year because I truly enjoy mountain biking and having quality trails are vital.

Riding trails when they are wet and soft causes increased erosion and damages them extensively. It is very tempting to ride them especially when the weather starts getting a bit warmer and brighter, but the trails may not be ready. Yes, even fat bikes can damage sensitive trails.

We are fortunate that there are some trail systems such as Fight and Whopper which are less sensitive to use during this time. The rails to trails, or places like MacDonald Park are better options right now. They may not be as exciting but at least you are riding. Another option is to ride the roads. I personally do a lot of road riding this time of year.

You can also do trailwork. This time of year allows for great visibility and ease of travel through the woods to repair, or build trails. Another benefit is that there are no flies or mosquitos. Just dress appropriately and that means more trails or improved trails when it all dries out.

End rant…


I second that!

yess, much trail work. lets go guys!

Also a good time to hit the skatepark and practice skills… riding steeps, ledges, drop-offs, jumps, berms…