Ride at Spider Last Night

I agree Rally_Kia. I guess it’s with anything new you are learning to do. I think having determination to not give up and keep at it so one does get better at it helps as well. Singletrack is demanding and I still to a bit of walking but now I am confident that I will get better at it and enjoy it more. And let me just say, I am always up for more biking!

Rockhopper, Jeremy and I rode Spider Lake last night. We rode Replicator and Ribbon of Love, but rode some other trails that I had never been on before. At the point where you would head down to Skull, we rode upward to this clearing and then headed back into this woods on this loop. It was really cool and I did rather well in there, until I wrapped myself around a tree. I was okay. We then did another trail which brought us to the humps. That was interesting. I didn’t ride those but rode the easier ones. After leaving the humps the trail was really fun. It was a fun and a real work out but I did better on singletrack than I’ve ever done. The more your skills progress, the more fun biking is, no matter what the style of biking.

That’s the general idea of it! The more you ride, the better you get. The better you get, the more you enjoy it. Which leads to more riding…