There seems to be a few rides happening all around the maritimes. Feel free to post up when and where you are riding. There are many of us ready and willing to ride and would like to visit a new trail or just ride with others.

Agreed. The rides being posted on the forums have decreased dramatically since facebook & smartphones. I usually only see organized club rides posted on the forums (which are nice to see). Would twitter be a useful tool to integrate with the ride announcement topics on this forum to keep up with the times? I find twitter quite useful.

Stoopid social media… :x

Don’t mind me, I’m just a deliberately out of touch old dude… :ugeek:

I’m guilty, I made a biking group on facebook that I post when I’m going out on rides

There’s always Pedaltrout. LOL. Even post a link to the social media thinger here so we can see. If you want people to. I hope to get out for a ride on Saturday…

Yeah, feel free to write on the pedaltrout wall.

A few of us are looking to get out this Sun (noonish). Whopper, Fight, somewhere in the Valley maybe. Any plans or info on trail conditions to take into consideration?

I’m interested in Sunday. Deciding between Fight and Anima Mundi trail day/ride.