Rifle Range Access Question

Hi everyone

Hoping someone could help answer for me the following question. Is there a way I access the Rifle Range trails from Lower Sackville by riding to them?

Could you access them by riding along the small section of the 102 up the hill and then in there where all the ATV and motos park? I couldn’t tell from the Bicycle NS site whether that part of the 102 was restricted for cycling.




I sometimes go up that section of highway to get there.

That section of the 102 is restricted from bicycles. I’d go up from that multi-use trail that’s nearby and go on the highway.

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are the range jumps and trails dry enough to ride yet? ive been wanting to ride them but wasn’t sure if they were still to soft.

Yep! Go into Bedford Place Mall parking lot and take a left down River Ln. There’s a trail at the very end of that road that takes you under the bridge and you can go left from there and only have to ride a small section of dirt shoulder.


Yeah I’ve been riding there for a month already there

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I always saw a bunch of trucks there but didn’t know why. I assumed it was atvs/motor bikes. Is it pretty busy there?

Thanks so much! That was what I was looking for. I really did not want to go on the 102 across the bridge!


I don’t blame you, best to avoid highways as much as possible. This has some dips and loose rocks you need to traverse over but much safer.

Watch out for that ditch off of the gravel path if you take @lancethedesigner’s route! The grass may be short enough this time of year but it caught me off guard before


Thanks man! I’m planning to ride down there today and check it out.

I rock the hammonds plains side which takeS the highway out of the equation.

There was two spots there the other day when I was there that were still a bit wet but it should definitely be dry and good to ride now I would say

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