Rigid only ride!

Can I go if I blow my fork up so stiff it’s basically a rigid? lol

that, and put your bike in middle six, and then wrap duct tape around your shifters so you can’t press buttons to bail out. (lol) if this ride happens this week count me out, going to sugarloaf on thursday and have to get ready through out the week.

Who here is down for a good old rigid only ride sometime? I’m thinking Whopper or Spider. Grab an antique or new boingless bike and head out for a few laughs and a good ride.

Who’s in?


I’m in if I can find the time.

There’s three! I’m leaning a bit towards Wednesday or Thursday night. Let’s see who’s in and take it from there.

I may be able to do Thursday night.

That’s sounding awesome so far. Jackson, are you up for this?

Thursday I work til 9. Wednesday I’m off though.

i might show up on mr kia’s old bike. does a shitty elastemer fork, that barely moves count as rigid? (lol) dartmouth is perfect for a ride such as this. name a place and time and i’ll ride there.

Thinking I might put this off until next week and let the ground dry up a bit. Riding SS with that fork is pretty close to the level of rigid in my books. Tell friends and we’ll do an under-achieving-bike ride next week!

I have a spare rigid bike if anyone would like to join in!

Can I go if I blow my fork up so stiff it’s basically a rigid? lol