Sat May 7 - Morning - Links anyone?

It was fantastic. My oh my I was impressed by the signage. Was also impressed at how close it was to my inlaws, so I can escape.

Conditions were great. There was a puddle here and there, but over all quite dry.

I’m gonna try to be at the trail head of the Links saturday morning. Never been there. Gonna go self guided if I have to :slight_smile:

Anyone innerested?

I’d consider it but tomorrow is supposed to be pretty crappy and there’s a poultry show at the Windsor Exhibition Grounds that I want to check out (need to replace my hen that became eagle food.)

We’ll probably be riding Grunter in the morning if you or anyone else is interested in tagging along. It’s less distance to travel so I figure it’s easier to fit in before the thunder and rain madness begins.

I’m gonna be in Kingston in the AM, so I think Links is close. I’ll have to guage the weather as it gets closer.

Say, where is grunter? I didn’t see it on BTM (Barbara’s trail map)

Grunter is in Ellershouse and for the time being it’s a not-so public sort of trail, hence no map inclusion.

Ah ha. Poihaps annudder time.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities this summer hopefully.

I’m gonna take a chance and be at the links at 10am. Wife says rain will probably start around 12 ish.

Worst case I get soaked, lost and starved :slight_smile:

Did you go? How was it? Lots of water or are things relatively dry? Fill us in!