Saturday all day, road/dirt ride

K…here’s the dealio.

Saturday Am: meet at the Port Pub for a road ride around Starr’s point. Don’t ask what the average speed will be, I have no idea. As fast as my legs will push me. Distance about 35-40km.

Lunch: Port Pub of course!

Saturday PM: Grab the mountain bike and hit up Gorge, P2, Pumphouse.

Should be home for a latish supper or grab something in the valley, we can cross that bridge as we get to it.

I’m thinking I’d like to start riding Saturday am about 9-9:30

So who’s in? Join me for the road or the mountain biking, either works for me.

Poss . ride mtb what time frame would you be meeting at gourge

I have to run a kids program in the AM at The Gorge but will give you a call afterwards to try and meet up for the MTB afternoon portion.

Gorge bikes! Keep us posted Mike.
It would be great to have a Gorge/P2/Bird Sanctuary/Pumphouse group ride.

I hear the Gorge has a spiffy new sign. We can all look at it!

We’d love to hookup with you guys but we have two exterior doors to install tomorrow.

I’d like to hit the Gorge probably about 1:00-1:30. That should be plenty of time for a good road ride followed by a delicious lunch.

Michelle and Ryan: If you care to join me at the Port Pub text or call me when you’re done the program.

Well, seems there isn’t any interest in the road ride, so I slept in a bit. Still doing the afternoon though. Might still do a shorter road ride by myself somewhere or something, not sure yet.

Anyone else from HRM coming up? It’s only a 50 minute drive for some really great singletrack.

soooo is there a somewhat firm time and place for this to happen at? i got some interest but details would help.

Lets say 1:15-1:30 at the gorge.

Great ride overall. I missed doing the morning road ride, but did get to go to the wolfville market instead. The afternoon ride was fantastic. Thanks very much for the tour Josh/Michelle. Looking forward to the corn maze ride and of course the Rememberance day ride.