Schwalbe Ice Spikers on Sale


Chain Reaction has their ice spikers on sale with free shipping to Canada. Arguably the best studded tire out there.


Dam you Derek for posting this. I am about to order some. Any suggestions on getting 27.5x 2.25 vs 2.6?


Wider is better if they fit.


I found a review of someone using 2.6 on a Trance so I pulled the trigger on those. With some luck they will be here by the weekend.


Mine took exactly 8 days.


I ordered a set of 2.25s for daughter Zoe.


None of the 26x2.35 unfortunately.


Wahoo. My tires arrived today. Pretty excited about that. Being my first studded snow ride, any suggestions on where to ride this weekend?


Your first ride should be to set the studs on pavement. It’s generally recommended that you do ~50kms before riding them offroad. I usually do about 20kms and rarely lose studs.

After that, I’m unsure what’s in good shape right now, everything’s quite crusty.