Scotch is good. You navel helps you to always remember the role your mother played in feeding you in the womb. Just sayin’.

I must admit that never before in my life did I think that I would become a connoiseur of fine Whisky’s. However, since receiving a bottle of Glen Breton Rare for a wedding gift I find myself very intrigued by the many different varieties, flavors and histories of the stuff.

After taking nearly two years of sipping of the Glen Breton and developing taste buds for the brand I discovered that my neighbor and very good friend, Colin is also quite fond of the stuff and he agreed to take me under his wing and help me with some sampling.

Through him I have tried a few brands that I can not remember, however I do recall the worst, Glen Livet.

Lately I purchased a bottle of Glen Fiddich 12 year old and really enjoyed it, and just last week I picked up a bottle of Bowmore Islay 12 year old. The Bowmore is an entirey different animal than the Fiddich.

Islay, I have learned is the area of Scotland where the most peaty of Scotches come from and this one is no exception and is quite often reviewed as a great starter Islay.
The finish is quite long with that of drying sea salt, black tea, a touch of mint and the finish taste is mild cigarette smoke.

Perhaps it is a sign of age or hopefully it’s wisdom that makes me really enjoy sitting next to the fire place sipping a glass of Scotch all while pondering the revelance of my navel.