Second Lake Guided Tour Thursday AM!

Had a great ride with Bignose. Almost perfect conditions. There is a tree down that I’ll be going back to chop down, but other than that, it’s the same old. Nice to get a few laps in before riding to work. Beautiful in the woods this time of year.

And to correct the above post, it was actually First Lake Drive we met at. Hope I didn’t mess anybody up.

Hey how do you find this trail? Didn’t know there was something out by Second Lake! I’ve tramped through the woods there for a SAR course, no trails in that area though.

The trail is located off of the main trail on the right side. There is usually some foot traffic indicating the entrance. It is approximately 2/3 of the way from the entrance, before the Y intersection. I’m not sure what it would be like right now, but if it has had enough traffic, it is a very fun little loop.

Things are going to be perfect tomorrow morning for hero dirt!

I will be riding/checking my trail on the way to work tomorrow. Planning to be there around 8:00 AM, riding a few laps on the loop, including the “secret” new section that bypasses the old rocky/swampy mess that is there. It’s good stuff. Should all be frozen solid!

I will be at the parking lot on Second Lake Drive until just after 8:00, then I will be in the woods. Planning to take off from there at about 9:15 ish, for Bedford, for tag-along riders, if interested in a nice cooldown.

See you there!


I’ll be on the rigid green Concorde with red Panaracer tires.