Seeking Random advice

Think I might hit up the gorge for the first time. Any must hit trails or flow direction advice?
Also, on the in/out trail at norawarren I always seem to scrape on that first rollover boulder. I don’t think my trailbike is overly long/low/slack, is there a technique I’m missing?

About the norawarren rock I find it best to use it like a jump and pop of it but if you are scraping your chainring and u don’t want to jump of it then try popping you back tire up a little bit when you get to the edge and roll it

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The Gorge recently had some trail signage added, so that should make it a bit easier to get around in there.
It’s still not a super simple network to figure out though, due to the trails crossing in so many areas.
You will definitely want to climb all the way to the top of the system, which is a fire road at the top of the hill. If you look for flying squirrel on Trailforks, it will lead you to the very top.

After getting to the top, I always ride Purple Hayes > Chromaxle Creek > Fanny Pack to Lower Stadium. Ride back to the top and repeat.

If you park at the Gorge you also have access to P2, Endorphin, Upper P2 and the entire bird sanctuary network.


Thanks guys, gorge was fun, wish there was a bike skills park like that at every trailhead!
Tried to make a side trip to anima mundi as well, maybe I’m an idiot but I could not find it for the life of me🤨


I had some trouble finding it the first time I went too. The trailhead sign is a bit in the woods and tough to see. Trail starts here;

Dropped pin
Near 121-71 Davison St, Kings, Subd. D, NS, Canada