Sette Flite

That looks like a sweet Fight Trail/Whopper rig.

I can’t wait to be able to get back to riding Whopper… tried it
twice on the Brodie and wasn’t feelin’ it in the least. Couldn’t
imagine trying Fight Trail with that behemoth

Here’s some pics of my new ride…

**The Box


**The Bike

Nice! I’m anxious to hear how you like it. I’ve had good luck with Sette products. Last I heard, PricePoint wasn’t shipping bikes, frames or wheelsets to Canada… guess that either changed or I was misinformed!

Do you have a list of the componentry?

Here’s the list…

Rock Shox Domain 318
Rock Shox Monarch 3.1
Sram X7 shifters and derailleurs (X9 upgrade for the rear at some point)
Jagwire Slick cables
Sram PG 970 cassette
Avid Juicy 3’s (Straitline lever upgrade down the road)
Truvativ Stylo 3.3 BB and crankset
Shimano XT rear hub (gonna get a set of HopeII hubs hopefully this year)
Mavic EX 729 hoops (No need to upgrade these puppies!)
Kenda Nevegals 2.35 DTC front and rear

The rest is Settes own stuff like stem, bars, front hub, seatpost and seat… good items to upgrade

I should be a bit quicker on the trails with this bike weighing 10-15 lbs lighter than my last one…naw, I’ll prolly be the same ‘sucking wind til the end’ guy I always was…lol

Don’t hate the Sette stuff… seriously. It’s not bad! And don’t worry about upgrades now man, you’ve got a new bike!

ride what you have till you bust something

if you break or bend a compent then upgrade it

if you find the seat uncomfy that should be your first upgrade but other than that I’d wait till you break something

I’ve ridden X7 it shifts fine… sure X9 is a bit nicer but at 110 ish for the RD and I think about the same for a shifter set I don’t think you’ll get 200+ dollars of shifting performance.

You ride mostly Dh and All mountain right?

My bikes are both X-0 and XT. Recently I pooched some parts and replaced them with x7. Going forward from now on , I"m an SLX / X-7 man, no need to spend any more money than that.

I love the durability of my x9 stuff, but as far as Shimano goes SLX is an awesome value.
Sounds like a great bike Ken!

Solid ride for sure! I’m rocking an X-9 on my Rigid bike. Works great, but I don’t know how much better it is than the X-5 I had on it first. It looks cool… :slight_smile:

That looks like a sweet Fight Trail/Whopper rig.