Ship a bike to the US

What’s involved with shipping a bike to the US?

Anyone done this recently? I have a friend who recently moved down and is not liking the market for bikes down there.

Would be shipping to Texas.

Last time I did this was a few years ago. A few tips.

  1. Get the most insurance you can to cover the full cost of the bike. Customs opened the box I sent and did not pack it back properly thus damaging the bike.
  2. It will be expensive!
  3. Customs fees are not included in the shipping quote. It could be very costly.

Overall, I would suggest against it. Not sure with Fedex, but purolator transfers the package to an American company once the package hits the border. (Purolator is a division of or managed by Canada Post).

Their best bet is to have someone at least take it over the border on the back of a car and ship it from inside the states, or take it down on a plane as luggage.

Tell him he’s nuts. The cost of bikes is a lot cheaper in the US and I’m sure there are many available.

Shipping to Texas will be about $150 no matter who you use. If you want to calculate it yourself, do it by cubic weight, not actual weight, use the guideline listed by the shipper on their webpage.

Insurance on used bikes maxes out at $200ish no matter how much it is worth.

Declared value is a bitch when it comes to duty and taxes.

That’s what I was thinking.

I should have mentioned he’s looking for a second hand deal. I think he just doesn’t know the right places to look yet. For all of Texas pinkbike buy and sell only has one page worth of results for XC/All Mountain under $1000.

At that price,. the exchange rate equals the shipping (barring any customs hitches).

I’m sure he’s looking at Craigslist too.

Try Austin Bike Farm