Shops open in HRM tomorrow?

Snapped my derailleur hanger off riding Whopper this afternoon. Wondering if any shops are open tomorrow to get a new one and get it fixed…

I would imagine most shops would be open. What kind of bike do you ride?

Just a heads up. Those that are open, will probably be wide open throttle, and most have a waiting list for repairs. Might not be a big deal, but might not be instant turnaround. Just coming from a local wrench here, to not see you get too excited and then get not awesome news. Hope it does go well, but call ahead first, and see who has what. Also, if they don’t sell the bike you have, they might not stock/know what type of hanger you have. is a great spot to see what you need, but they can’t know off hand what you need, or if they have that one in stock necessarily. But hopefully, you can get the sweet hook-up and keep riding.

Also, some of us folks have spares kicking around, or old hangers for bikes we no longer own. Tell us whatcha got!

Ideal bikes are open today (on barrington)