Short Notice

A few of us are riding the Cobequid Trail tonight at 7:30… make it if you can.

I wish I saw this yesterday!

No worries Ryan, planning on posting a group ride some night next week. Stayed tuned to this station for more details!

Interesting ride… I’m a little embarrassed to say this was my first ride on the trail this year. :oops:

Good: Justin conquered the drop in on Snake Line

Bad: Snapped my chain within 5 minutes of riding… was getting old and should have been changed a while ago.

Good: Strangely, and fortunately, I had a spare chain in my pack.

Bad: New to the trail Craig didn’t fare as well when he destroyed his X0 rear derailler wiping out at the end of the ride.

Good: Recruited two more trail builders… thanx Craig and Wes!

Spare chain… what are you a boy scout? That’s awesome.

second that, I usually have a few spare links and a chain tool in the pack but not a whole new chain!

Something I bought last season and just threw it in the pack… kind of forgot about it actually.