Shout out to Ken Perry (the builder)

I rode the Cob Trails yesterday and they are stellar! Great job with Ridgeway and the new stuff you did. The signs are great as well!

The trails keep an old school feel with some flow, and there is enough climbing to challenge most riders. Great job!


I meant to post something like this after my first time riding there, a week ago Friday. I had a look at the map the night before and that, along with the signs, were more than enough to make it easy to get in a good ride.

I was really impressed with the effort that has been put into the trails. All of the bridges on Deer Leg as well as on Snakeline and the stream crossing appear to be very well built. As mentioned, the signs are a very nice touch. But most of all, the trails are fun to ride.

Yep, thanks to @TheBuilder!

I’ll pile on and throw my thanks out to Ken as well- great trail system Ken!

Thanx guys… just a few paths through the woods iz’all. :relaxed:

Btw, I seen the Trail Flow truck at the Big Stop Tuesday with a bunch of bikes in the back… hope ya’ll got a chance to do some local riding.

Alas, we didn’t get to go for a ride. We we’re just heading back home form a few days working in Truro. I knew we were close to the trails but wasn’t exactly sure what road to take to get there.

We’re back out that way next week. Hopefully we’ll get a spin!