Shubie June 27th

Hey all. Sorry for the late notice. Forgot to post this earlier :slight_smile: Regardless, Adventurer and I will be hitting up Shubie this evening at 6pm. We will be meeting down on Lakemist Ct, but if it is easier, we could meet at the Dartmouth Crossing entrance a little past 6. Not sure what the plan is other than some fun in the sun :slight_smile:

I’m am heading there for a ride there at 6:15. I messed up something in my backor ribs at Fight on Saturday so I am looking to keep it a little more tame. We’ll start a little further down than you but I am sure we’ll see each other there.

I’m down for a rip around Shubie. I’ll see you guys at 6

I’m sorry Will. I didn’t see your message until I got home. Hope you were able to meet up with muddy. :disappointed:

No worries. I didn’t run in to anybody, so I just rode to the end and crossed the river to explore around the far end

Ill be going again this week sometime. I got a flat on the way home, so I will have to (obviously) fix that first haha. Ill post it up again, with more notice next time haha