Shubie Park trail saboteur

Just a heads up for people riding the “secret” singletracks in Shubie. Over the past couple of months I have encountered large rocks placed deliberately in the middle of the trails or removed from the tails to create holes in attempt to make the trails rougher. Most recently I removed several large branches that were wedged in the cooks of trees and crossed the trails in a deliberate attempt to obstruct.

If you encounter any attempts to obstruct the trails lease take the time to undo this saboteur’s work for the safety of others. Unfortunately there is no recourse as these trails are illegal so it’s up to us to look out for ourselves.

Keep your eyes open and heads up, someone is not happy about mountain bikes in the park.


Dirty buggers. A lot if kids ride those.

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Nature has also done some trail sabotage. There are 2 or 3 large trees completely blocking the singletacks that will require a saw to remove.