Shubie Park

Adventurer and I are heading over to Shubie park this evening if anyone is interested in joining us. We will be starting out on Lakemist Ct. which is near the circ over pass by Mic Mac mall. We are going to be there at 6pm. If you want to join us, that would be great or we can come over to the fairbank center or something.

Hope to see some of you :smiley:

Mog, I saw this a little too late but Iā€™d be glad to ride there with you sometime. We could show each other around

Holla next time you are heading there

Pretty good chances I will be heading over again today, not sure what time though. Somewhere between 5-6 pm :slight_smile:

Ok between 5 - 6 is when I will be able to head over there. If anyone is interested, just let me know when you would like to meet and where. Otherwise Ill head over somewhere in between the times I said and I will be ā€¦ somewhere in the park. haha

Riding at Spider Lake tonight at 6 if you want to join in.

I am unable to do Spider Lake tonight. Thank you for mentioning it though. :slight_smile:

Adventurer and I along with one other are hitting up Shubie again tonight. Same time and locatiob. Let me know if you are interested but need to meet up somewhere else and we can wander over towards that spot.

Hope to see some of you tonight :smile: