Size large Fat bike wanted!

As the leaves start to change colour and we wake up to a chill in the air (sometimes) I find myself developing an itch that I have yet to scratch. Fatbike!

I’m after a size large fatbike, looking to spend between $1000-$1200.

Let me know if you are moving on from something and we will see if I can take it off your hands!
(P.S. if I’m listing this wrong, please forgive me, I’m new!)

They should start to show up in the bike shops any day if your looking for a new one

Used wise its not very often to see em

I’d go for a Moose and then slap some studs in the tires or go for a set of studdables.


I may have what you’re looking for.
Considering selling my norco Bigfoot with studded tires

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Hey, any more info would be appreciated! Year, model, asking price, some specs and whatnot.
Thanks for reaching out!

I would be selling a norco Bigfoot with a shimano drivetrain 45 North studded tires and hydro disk brakes. Thinking around 1300

I’ll send you a message!