Slime tire sealant

Has anyone tried using Slime tire sealant, and if so, what was your experience? I came across some while in Kent today. At a fraction of the cost of Stan’s, it seems tempting.

Slime has a MtB specific sealant that is green but kinda green-white like green stans. The regular stuff won’t work.

Is it the stuff they market as tube sealant? The mention bicycles, motorbikes, wheelbarrows, mowers.

Pretty sure the stuff at kents is automobile specific. Different formula and viscosity. I can double check tonight i do have a bottle for my truck tires

You may need to dilute it somewhat, but I have seen people use it (diluted).

I’ve used it in the tubes of my shraeder valved commuter bike. Good for riding over all the construction nails/staples etc on the side of the road. It’s heavy though!

I bought a 1 ltr bottle of it from Napa last year in a pinch while out of town and it worked well enough to seat the tire during mounting but is a bit too viscous to immediately seal punctures. When I got back to civilization I added some regular latex sealant and it seemed to dilute it enough to work better.