SnakeLine Drop

I wish there were more ‘improvements’ to showcase Mike… it’s a challenge for one or two people to make significant headway with such a vast trail network. But, as many potential projects as there are, one by one they’ll get done.

I’m shooting for trail of the year somewhere in the 2020 range…lol

Here’s a little project to traverse a wet area just before the downhill section on SnakeLine… drop is approx. 4 ft. to a tranny. There will be a ‘cheater line’ with a small natural 1 ft. drop for those just learnin’.

Here’s the posts that were put in during the rain on Tuesday… went with a single post support as there is ALOT of rock and I was lucky to get four in line at the correct intervals…

I call these ‘field goal supports’

Here’s some more pics of the skeleton…

Even though the skewed pic doesn’t look it, the stringers are level…

I thought there was a real skeleton.
Ride looks great. Nice to see, I didn’t think anyone was riding stuff like that anymore.

What are you using for posts? You may find that you will need some more bracing down the road as the single posts will eventually work them selves loose, espically as you mentioend this is a wet area.

Looks good thou, nice and tidy!

Thanx for the comments! I agree that the single post design was risky, but revamping the bridge down the road won’t be an issue. I did it partially to experiment with different building techniques… besides, how many are going to ride the ‘4 ft drop of death’ anyway…lol

Got the rungs brought in and thrown on for effect… still deciding between a steep roll or a drop at the end.

Gotta be a roll for us old fellers.

Looks awesome!!

Don’t worry Kirk, there’ll be a geriatric line to the right…lol
I will probably do the roll in or at least angle the last 6’ down to match the tranny

A roll down would help stiffen up the brdige, I’d do for that reason alone.

Good point… I am thinking of bracing the last post against two trees that are on either side as well.

Bridge is complete… braced for stability and rolled at the end for your pleasure.

That looks epic!

When are you free this week to ride Ken?

Any morning and night rides are always a possiblity. I was thinking about posting for a night ride but wasn’t sure about the weather cooperating. When is best for you?

How about Thursday evening? Should be decent weather, and would like to show a few others the trail.

Sounds good… what time did you want to meet at the trailhead? I’ll post up on my channels as well…

Let’s say 7:00. This will give folks time to make it.

To everyone who has wanted to try these trails, now is the time to join the the driving force behind this trail system. I rode it prior to the improvement that have been made! So charge your lights and join us this Thursday.