Snow Jump!

I built a snow jump at the end of my driveway (house end not street end). It’s a step down with a little kicker at the top and 6 feet down to the bottom of the transition. I’ve used it a couple of times and the last session was a lot of fun. We’ll see what the rain leaves of it tomorrow.

You need to get Janet to take a picture of this gnarly action!

Looks Fun!

The rain didn’t leave a whole lot, but there was still a small jump there this morning.

Anyone got tips for building features with snow? The front side of the jump wasn’t too hard to build. The backside and the tranny took a while. Packing the snow down to make it rideable was the biggest challenge. I initially sank in the snow to the top of my thigh. Packing by tamping with a shovel works a little, but not enough to pack it so it’s rideable. Packing down with feet seemed to work the best, with intermittent smoothing out by slamming the snow shovel down, but that took a long time, since feet don’t cover much surface.

Next project may be a snow pump track.

Here’s what it looked like before the rain:


I’d hit it…

The snow jump has long since melted away, which is a shame because I had it buffed pretty well and only used it a couple of times before it went. I haven’t rebuilt it, although there is enough snow that I think I could.

Instead, I built a snow pump track.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well. I built it too tight. You come off the end berms with the handlebar turned heading straight into a hump that’s too large. Also, the top of some of the humps are a bit outsloped, so the front wheel slides a bit, especailly since the last rain and freeze put a coat of ice over everything.

I tried the Giant hardtail, but that’s a large frame with probably too long a wheelbase. CyclingGirl’s Enduro is a bit smaller and worked better in some ways, but being a full suspension, and me being quite a bit heavier than her, I was bottoming the suspension all the way around the track. The jump bike would work much better, but I don’t have studded tires on it.

It would be better if the berms were further apart, so I could straighten out a bit before hitting the humps. Or, keeping the same distance, only have one hump instead of two. I’m not sure what to do to mod it, and I may not be able to do anything until the next mild day anyway. Maybe if I inslope the humps a bit to turn them into bermps.