Snow pack at Spider Lake

Is anyone up for a snowshoe at Spider tonight?
I am going for 7:30
It would be nice to pack the trails before the rain so when it freezes back up, it will be good to go, FAST.
I plan to go up the Humps from there where ever.

How is the ol’ Spidey hanging nowadays? I plan on snowshoeing with the missus and a lunch there on Sunday. I am contemplating bringing a toboggan to do some grooming. Is there much of any snow down? Wait a sec… It looks like it’s going to freeze before we get there. Wonder if it will be rideable???

Rep, Ribbon, Skull are good to go. Only gets better with riders.
The trail to the lake is good and the lake is a nice ride.
Packing will only be good if it gets warm again.

It was AWESOME when we were there yesterday! We hiked up Skull and cooked some pizza. 'Twas prime riding. Ran into some friends, and the guy who won’t say hi. I might take the bike up tonight and ride the fresh snow. Who knows???

oh he will say hi you just have to listen real close

Thursday might be a good night for a Shoe

Every night is a good night for a shoe.

true to a certain point but if i had to choose i would rather be on my bike. wrandees has been amazingly good of late and last night was the best of the winter season. to me snow shoes are an end to a means in getting the trails tramped down so i can ride again. but i do agree that while the snow is fresh shoeing is a great way to send some time outdoors.

Thursday might be a good night for a Shoe
And it is.
I will be going to Spider, shooting for 7pm

Looks like a large group from the Halifax outdoors club is going for a snowshoe at the Whopper tonight at 6

I hope to meet you there, Jim!

Spider is gonna be SICK when it freezes up. S-I-C-K. siK.

Shubi to Spider is Ok, soft packed.

The packing worked.
Replicator is good, there aredeep drifts at te top of the hill in the clear cut.

The Ribbon is good to fair, good on the way down.

Skull looks like it has seen some traffic but looked to soft. same with the Inner piece.

The main road is good but has some bad spots.

The road to the lake from the Ribbon is Ok, soft packed, good going down to the lake but a bit of a workout on the way back.

I rode on Lake Charles on the way back there were clear ice strips that I followed as much as possible.

With the wind on my back it was quite easy to ride through the snow on the lake.