Snowshoe 2XL - Massive Rubber . . . and it may fit!

Show of hands . . . how many out there have read that the 2XL will only fit a very limited number of bikes due to its size. Yea . . . me also.

Well its not exactly true . . . it may fit more bikes than you believe. It ALMOST fit my Sasquatch 6.1 with 197 rear, 1x11 and 440 chainstay.


I wanted to fit one to my Felt dee dee, but too bad I have to purchase it first.

If we were in the same province we could do a test fit.

Does you LBS have one that you could “try” in the shop?

Does it have a 197 rear and run a 1 x drivetrain? What is your chainstay length?

Yes I wish I was in NL :laughing:. Haven’t check on LBS yet but I will post it here if they have one.

I am pretty sure I got 80mm rims, 2x10 shift setup. I have to check on size of hubs. I have also found couple of dee dees who had 2xl setup not sure on rims yet, but will check.