Snowshoe After the Storm

Who’s up for packing down the Cobequid Rd Trails with me this coming Sunday? Conditions should be fantastic for bigfooting…

I’m open for suggestions for a start time… I’m gonna throw out 10:00AM as a discussion starter.


No snowshoers avaialable… :?:

I had to check my schedule. I’m good to go. 1000 is great with me. Where do I meet you?

At the trailhead I’m assuming after I read my last post.

Yes, I can meet you at the trailhead…

Any other snowshoers out there? Come on, it’ll be a blast…

Great slog through the fresh snow… skiing down Snakeline on Snowshoes was interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great snowshoe! It was fantastic to see the new trail and I am excited to ride it once spring/summer comes around. Until then, it is an awesome snowshoe and if you are so inclined you should head out and check it out!