Snowshoe tramp!

Sounds like a deal I’d be stoked to make!

I am going to head out and do my beginner ride route at Powder Mill Lake if anyone is interested in coming. I am bringing a light just in case I stay out late, but I doubt I will. If you don’t see me there, parking is at the little picnic park on Powder Mill Lake. Walk across the road, head up the hill until you get to the second gate. Then go in, stay left at the first little intersection, go past a big woodchip pile. Then keep an eye out for a trail on your right that heads uphill. This goes for a little ways. It’s really nice double track that eventually peters out into singletrackish stuff. And it has a nice firepit halfway along it. Call me at 489-2766 if you want to meet up and snowshoe it.

Just got back in! It was some rough going, but it is all tramped out. did about 12 or 13 km’s, so it should be enough for the night ride this Tuesday night. Studs will be handy, but I’ll be runnin’ just rubber. Cleared a lot of branches and downed trees as well. Some BIG deer tracks back there!

You are hardcore. We might have done about 5km with some steep climbing, but I can’t see us doing 12km in this snow.
You are a machine!!
You are correct the deer are moving. we saw some spots where the deer camped out for the night to wait out the storm. Pretty cool stuff.

You da man Arron

hopefully it hardens up a bit i’ll be running rubber this week too see u Tuesday

Matt, I 'shoed up to where we turned around the last time we were out. You should see it in the day time. It’s halfway between Rocky Lake Road and Akerley Blvd. Just in behind the pit. Sick view at the end in the daylight. Well, I call it the end because we haven’t went any further yet, but the map shows it going to the DND roads by Anderson Lake with the possibilty of popping out in Burnside.


we might have to do some bushwacking back there andopen it up a bit more so it’s not so grown in

Ah yes, ‘Fraggle rock road’ :slight_smile:

Matt, it is not grown in anymore. I took my saw, my hatchet, and a Beaver Bank Butter Knife. (Machette) Wide open and safe for the eyeballs at night.

Beaver Bank Butter knife… lmao

anyone snowshoeing this weekend? how are the conditions in the valley?

I’m working- booo. But I can tell you that the conditions around Mount Uniacke are incredible. I’m not sure about Wolfville and Kentville right now but in Bridgetown there’s about 3 feet of snow.

Wolfville was wonderful this morning! We went in Gaspereau for 2 hrs up and down waterfalls, etc.

Sooooooo jealous, Taryn!

Anybody up for some snowshoeing Sunday morning? Im thinking of heading over to Bell Park in Mt. Uniacke round 11am...although Im open to suggestions as to time and place. :slight_smile:

I’m working again, otherwise I’d be in like Flynn.

Sooooooo jealous, Taryn!
It was rather daunting to look up and see 40 other people at various parts of the waterfall climbs (yes, there were two!). I damn near killed myself, but once Brian taught me a little technique, it mad a huge difference. Come down and come out with us one Saturday morning (a group goes every Saturday morning)!

The Valley has SICK snow. We were at Crystal Falls and there is a few good feet in most of it.

If one were to try and find Crystal Falls, how might one go about it?

Well, you could get the cords from Barbara and her new GPS. :wink: Also, go out behind Greenwood and drive up Rocknotch Road. Go across bridge. Turn left at stop sign. Go a little way until you get to a gravel/dirt road on right with a red barn at the beginning of the road. Go to the stop sign. Turn left. Go over bridge, up hill. At top of hill, look on right for road closed sign. Park. Go up this trail. Cross brook. Continue to bridge. Cross bridge. Go up hill to overhead power line. Go down trail along power line to the sound of falls. Relax. Climb back up and hike out.
Sue, this is the main ATV route, but there are awesome hiking/biking trails there as well. MAybe we can take you and Troy there sometime, and in return we can be escorted around Grunter?