So I was Just Riding Along

Yeah I rechecked it and it is a top pull.

After a hard day at work with Trailflow building super silky smooth singletrack in Wolfville I decided to head out for a ride with Ryan.

Well I made it about 2 minutes into the trail when my front chain jammed between the front chainrings bad enough it would have required removal of the small chain ring to repair. Of course, the bolts are stripped (bad bike owner!). And as I stood there and thought, well I’ll bring it back to the car and work on it there, I notice this…

This is a pic of not only a missing bolt in my front derailleur, but the front plate has been snapped where the bolt should go through. Needless to say it was a short ride…

Good news is that I should have enough spare parts to fix it up!

Rig it up single speed! Perfect bike for it!!!

It would be, however, I do have a few single speeds at the moment already.

But, do you have a SS mountain bike???

It would be a very fun project I admit, but it would just collect dust at the end of the day. Now to find a 28.6 top pull front derailleur and I’ll be set!

Thought it was bottom pull?

Gotta check my parts bins…