Specialized Fatboy - SOLD


Yeah, I’ll see, if I do a dedicated bike for winter, I’ll likely go plus, instead of a full fatty, I enjoyed it, but I think a plus bike is the sweet spot for winter around here.


I did go out on a snowy Tuesday group ride at Spider this winter, and the my plus bike bogged down in the snow, whereas the fatbike guys were doing OK. The fatbikes can definitely get through deeper snow than the plus bikes… or maybe it’s just me.


To be fair, @Chris_Dwyer-perkins and I were both running 4.8 Surlys. Arguably the biggest/grippiest fat tire out there.

I’m not sure how aggressive the tires are that came on your bike, but that may have played a part too.


I have 29x3.00 Maxxis Chronicle on my plus wheels, they were pretty garbage in soft snow. Harder compound than a fat tire too, I think. It’s basically a gravel grinder tire, I only have them because they came with the wheelset. All that to say: tire choice can make a difference on the plus wheels.

Hoping to take advantage of the VSC deal currently on to get some better rubber.


Can’t recommend 45NRTH enough for fatty rubber.


I’m loving my 27.5+ bike, but I wouldn’t consider it even remotely a substitute for a fat bike in loose snow.


Im 5ft4 170lbs of beer fat plus a 32lbs bike , 45nrth dellingers 4” width works great all rounder both loose 4-5” of undamped snow for me as well as all year 26 fat radius wheels enduro gravel-boulder rounder. But I do find 27.5 is the sweet spot for most of the trails here without snow.


Price reduced to $1300


Still for sale ?


Lone gone, sorry


@nige had one for sale too


Thanks @Rolls.