Spectacular Spectacles aka. Winter Riding Eyewear

Sutro Lite to be exact. Well done, enioy.


With Prizm Trail lenses!


Let me know how that prizm trail lens is! I want something that fits me better for riding than my old M-frames that I scooped from an @streetgang sample sale back in the day that are now in pretty tough shape.

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Prizm trail is the best all around lens out there from what I have tried.
I am impressed with my POC Aspire as well but they really only shine in open terrain when its light. The Prizm seems to adapt to every light condition there is.


I have a pair of Prizm Trail lenses for Half Jacket frames if anyone wants them. Used twice when I was experimenting with contacts, perfect condition. $50.

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I’ve tried and tried but just cannot wear eye wear while mountain biking. The constant in too much darkness, then out again, then the constant fogging on climbs or while re-grouping. I even have the Oakley glasses with the little thing you flip down to move the lens from your face. I even have some Oakley Fast Jackets with $400(years ago) prescription lenses but mostly used them for driving trucks or road riding. The prescription was never as good as regular “cheap” eye wear. I’d find it easier to pick mud from my eyes once in a while. Hopefully I don’t get impaled by a stick.

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Prizm lenses are hands down the best optics going. I remember being skeptical on all the hype, thinking I’ll stick with my old eyewear. Comparing them to other high quality optics is like comparing a 4k TV to an old VHS recording.


They were great today. I’ve been using the Prizm road and Prizm polarized lenses for a couple of years, but this is my first time using the Prizm trail lenses. The have good light transmission, cut the snow glare well, and everything seems to pop which aids in depth perception. I really.like them.