Spider Lake ride tonight! (Jan. 6)

thanx, others and myself will be hotlapping something in there around 6:30-7:00 ish. and i might not be the only s/s. WOOT!

So I’m thinking about going for a night ride tonight around 7pm at Wrandees (Long Lake parking lot entrance) and just wondering if it’s solid enough to ride in there? I won’t bother putting the studs on just yet unless I hear it’s solid ice in there.

Anyone been in recently?

Lots of crunchy snow. I wouldn’t bother for awhile…

Bother Riding or bother studding?


10-4. I’ll check out Spider then I guess

Anyone is welcome btw: Spider Lake trailhead at 7pm.

If it’s really messy in Spider and it looks like we might damage the trail, I’ll be hopping across Waverly Road to go for a ride through Shubie Park. I have to get the wheels spinning somewhere!

I’ll evaluate when I get to Spider at 7 and make the call from there.

Changed to Shubie Park. Fairbanks Center at the end of Locks road for 7pm.

How were the trails at Shubie?

There was a little bit of soft snow in a few of them, so we stuck mostly to the plowed areas and well-worn trails. It was a blast and we even ran into another group of 4 riders! It was great to get out and spin the wheels, plus I never complain about a post-ride pint!

was the lake charles extension ridable?

I didn’t ride too far that way, but it was looking like fairly well-used trail. I’m guessing it would be rideable.