Spider trail conditions

NS Power is cutting a lot of trees and have made the Spider lake woods road very wide.

A thread to post trail days
and update conditions

The trails are dry right now.
Work continues on fixing up the trails from the clear cut.

Monday June 14 around 6:30pm I am going to work on the trail to the pipeline at the 104 end.
the following Friday 18 does anyone want to work a few hours on the traverse?

Pipeline is off I am sick and there are no volunteers

No takers, so Friday I am having a BBQ

Will do thanks

The conditions were good yesterday when five of us were in yesterday. Everything was good and dry.

How about Tuesday for a trail session, that will give me a day to recupe from the weekend

I will meet you there

The Traverse is coming along nicely, Thanks to Russell and Duane.
The way up from JFK is open. It needs riders to define a line, to see if it needs tweaking.
It would be nice if the group rides would ride this trail in all directions this week so I can see where improvements can be made.