SportChek friends and family event (DM me for up to around ~70% off anything)

Sunday 15th- Tuesday 17th

Buy anything you want in store and get Cost+10%.

I work in the service shop in the mall and have the discount code. Message me if you would like the code for cost+10% on anything you like. This code works in all stores across Canada.

Shoot me a message if interested.


Is it just stuff in stock or also online

Just in store

Thinking of Christmas gifts but nothing I find is available in any Halifax store.
Is the website somewhat accurate, or should I just go and browse in store?

Sometimes we have product from online in store. But your best bet is to come into the store and see. I can’t really say with certainty if we carry all online product.

Also, if you want to see what you can order in terms of bike parts and gear. HLC is our carrier. 7IDP, maxxis, Michelin, gore wear, and much more. And shipping will likely be faster than some online shops if ordered soon. Go check out HLC.