Sports Drinks - BAD

So this is not really a shock, but studies have shown that sports drinks are bad for us.

I’m as guilty as the next person of grabbing a gatorade or similar after a ride or on a day I need a boost. Heck even the clif bars aren’t really good for one.

What do you drink or eat to recover? I like beer and realize full well the pros and cons of that choice.

Water and real food usually tastes pretty spectatular. Or left overs from whatever supper I missed to go riding :slight_smile:

While I agree for the most part, they are talking about a 45 minute run. Typically, a ride for me is 2hrs.

A 2hr Whopper or Fitzpatrick mountain session in the heat of August could cause electrolytes or glucose to be depleted.

I water Gatorade crystals down quite a bit. I’m really just looking for something acidic that cuts the mouth slime more than water. A squirt of lemon would do the job too.

This is no surprise either, but can’t see me giving up certain habits.

During a ride or other activity that lasts well over an hour, I see nothing wrong with a sports drink. Just make sure you are happy with the ingredients. For that reason, I like Gatorade powder better than pre mixed. It is for those that are lifitng weights for 30 minutes in the gym or spending 20 minutes on the elliptical runner where sports drinks make no sense.

It is rare that you need a sports drink “after” your activity.

Also be aware that sports drinks are acidic and can lead to cavities, so brush brush brush!

I found out the hard way my saliva is weak at buffering acidity from sport drinks. I switched to just water, except for race day, out of dental preservation really, and it convinced a few of my riding buddies to do the same.

I followed some interesting discussions on MTbR about folks who switched from riding part of the year, to riding at the same intensity all year (because they moved somewhere with a climate that allowed it). They found that their spring time cramping went away, which points to it being more about conditioning than what you’re taking in. Of course, that may not be the whole story, but we have to remember that the sport drink science is being given to use by those selling us the sport drinks.

Oh, and if you do have to drink a sport drink, if you can have two bottles, keep water with the second one and rinse with it. You’ll notice NHL players are drinking water out of those dark green gatorade bottles and doing the same.