Spring Trail Conditions

Anyone been out in the last couple of days? How wet are the trails in the woods?

Bird Sanctuary is already pretty much bone dry all over.

Unless you mean HRM, then I dunno. :man_shrugging:

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Bird Sanctuary is fantastic!

Valley Stove and Cycle ride this Wednesday and Saturday as of now!

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Fight is wet in the normal places, but drying significantly every day.

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As of Sunday evening, Bowater was dry, except for the handful of places that are never completely dry.

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If it stays dry, I will likely pop over to Irishman’s on Wednesday and provide a report. Road ride tonight!


Fight was really dry tonight overall. Some wet spots, but nothing to be concerned about.

Agreed, fight was pretty mint tonight. Except for the wind. I was blown off my line enough times, I thought I was on my road bike.

Was that you I kept running into tonight, @landandwater ?

Tried Fitzies this afternoon. Still plenty of ice and wet spots, probably best to wait a bit longer.

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Yeah, I was in there spinning my legs. I passed somebody a couple times, and ran in plenty of folks. Busy place these days.

Everybody, don’t forget to support your local trail builders! You can buy a MRWA shirt at Cyclesmith, or better yet, help out on their build days.

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Woodville has snow on some trails yet.

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…and some brand spanking new bridges! :clap::clap::clap:

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Yes!!! Through a grant obtained via Annapolis Valley Mountain Association the bridges are being replaced in Woodville. The work is being done by Trailflow and they look marvelous!

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Via Trailflow on instagram: