Spring Trail Conditions

An axe or saw would do the trick for some of these trees. We tried to move them but some were wedged in between other trees or still attached to the root system. There aren’t many rocks around to place in these “mud holes” but if there were, that would help. It was neat to check out a new trail and now we know what to expect. When you haven’t been on a trail before and don’t know how close you are to connecting to the main trail, it can be a bit long and daunting. I don’t think I was ever so glad to see the main trail as I was yesteday. But it was all good!

RH and I rode Area 51 Friday night (start of Old Sambro Road). It can be pretty wet on that trail and it was in the usual places but I didn’t find it too bad for spring conditions. The ground was soft in some areas on the trail but rideable. We went in as far as the the bridge and Long Lake connector trail. There are a few trees down that could be cleared with an axe or buck saw. That trail usually needs long stretches of dry weather to dry things up.

This was the trail that I did my first mountain bike ride on four years ago. My classic response, back then, when RH asked what I thought of the ride when it was over was … “I didn’t hate it”. Well after four years of mountain bike riding, what a difference in my biking skills. I had a blast on that trail! I was riding through rocky patches with no trouble and rolled rock ledges with confidence. As a matter of fact, there are some steep rocks a little before the bridge and I was walking my bike down one because I thought it was beyond my capabilities. I looked back at it when I was at the bottom and said … “I can totally ride that!” RH let out a little laugh at my response then I proceeded to walk my bike up the rock and then ride down it. On the way in the trail, I did put a foot down in a big puddle I was riding through on the way in. I was too close behind RH and he stopped briefly and it startled me a bit. (note to Adventurer member). Thank goodness it wasn’t cold out. All in all, a great ride. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … Mountain Biking Rocks!!

Rode Whopper Dropper yesterday with CyclingGirl (and Chloe the Cotton traildog :slight_smile: ). Playground, Shawshank, back on Main Trail. Things were surprisingly dry. Lots of wet spots along the way, but things were drying out nicely too. Probably the sun without a lot of leaf cover was getting at the trail. With the dry weather over the next few days, the trail should dry out well.

Bridges and structures on Shawshank (all over Whopper really) are getting rough and needing repair. Cross pieces loose or missing, including the Roller Coaster at the end of Shawshank. I don’t advise riding it.

Rode at Anima Mundi today, it was dry and fast almost everywhere. A few of the dips had some mud in the bottom and the ‘more difficult’ area had some bigger sections of soupy stuff. There’s also a tree down across the trail in that section (maybe it’s supposed to be?).

I accidentally got onto a very twisty section that isn’t on the map, it’s marked with pink and orange flags. That section was dry and rideable but not as defined as the rest of the trails, obviously a work in progress. It’ll be pretty fun when it finished.

I saw a fisher near the trailhead at the end of the ride, that’s one big weasel!

We were there on Saturday. Had a good ride. Great trail. Kudos to the TrailFlow crew. I helped build a section of that trail a few years ago. Stoked to ride it again. Yes, we went through the “more difficult” section too, and it was a muddy, watery mess at the top of it for about 100 m. Looks like that section is under construction. The rest of the trail was in great shape.

Hi bent6543, Rockhopper and I rode that trail on Saturday and you described the trail conditions exactly as we found them. We rode most of the trails, even ones with flags, and felt that they corresponded with the map at intersections pretty well, although we did miss a turn we were planning to take on a loop. I always find a new trail a challenge the first time I ride it but can see me liking it the more I ride it. I found it hard to get any momentum going with all the twists and turns but it will come in time. I found it quite the workout for me. We also did the “more difficult” section and that was quite muddy and soupy as you described.

We rode Spider last night and those conditions were great. The big puddle on the main trail was partially dried up. I really felt comfortable on that ride and almost rode up the big berm (the steep side) in Inner Peace. I almost had a bad crash going through the Ribbon at the downward singletrack before climbing up that pile of rocks. I was riding that section and I think my wheel caught this cut root sticking out and it projected me and the bike down over the side of the hill. Somehow I landed both feet on the ground and didn’t tumble. There were other bikers out: Patrick and Tim unloading bikes at the trailhead. Pat was on the Rockhopper Birthday ride at Whopper Dropper in March. Then we met Derek and Charles at the upper end of Inner Peace at the intersection. They were heading out. Good conditions and a good ride.

CyclingGirl, i know what you mean about new trails, I missed a few turns at Anima Mundi too. With so much twisty trail packed into a small area it’s tricky to know where the splits in the trail go. I carry a gps just for that reason at least I know if I’ve gone that way before, the maps along the trail were a big help too.

That trail is quite a workout, lots of upper body work, standing all the time, kinda like a long pump track, so no rest unless you stop. Manuals and front wheel wheelies are assets on that terrain.

That trail is quite a workout, lots of upper body work, standing all the time, kinda like a long pump track, so no rest unless you stop. Manuals and front wheel wheelies are assets on that terrain.


Since it was raining in Halifax, rode Pumphouse loops in Kentville yesterday (if there’s an official name for this trail, let me know).

Haven’t been on this trail since last year when the new loops to the upper side of the trail were still under construction. The loops are finished and a lot of fun! Very smooth - hardly an exposed root, and no exposed rocks. The trail was very dry and packed hard. The builders have made good use of limited land - the trail is very twisty with lots of cornering. There are some tight “gates” between trees, a few steep but short climbs and descents, and lots of switchback climbs and descents. The trail surface begs you to hammer, but the tight corners and gates will make you want to tone it down.

Most trails I’ve riddenr around the Maritimes are rough - littered with exposed roots and rocks. This one is really different - smooth and flowee. I think it would be good singletrack practice for newbies. The trail surface is not a challenge, but cornering, climbing and descending are.

I usually used the old Pumphouse loop as a warm-up or cap-off for a ride into Seven Bridges. I was having so much fun with the new and old loops, I didn’t even go near Seven Bridges. I kept thinking, “One more loop. Just one more.”

To find the Pumphouse Loops, take the 101 to Kentville, Coldbrook exit, head toward Kentville, and turn onto Mitchell Ave., across from Valley Ford, between Wilson’s Fuel and Par 4 auto sales. The trails are at the pumphouse at the end of Mitchell Ave.

By the way, Mitchell Ave. has been extended straight across the Kentville rail-to-trail. It must have taken a whole lot of fill, because the road is about 15 feet above the rail-to-trail. There are ramps up to the road and back down to allow trail users to get across.