Strava data used to ban bikes from park (US)


This is in the US, but could this happen here?

Yes, but not because of speed limits. It’s a double edge sword, Strava is a great way for landowners to find adhoc trails and shut them down if they are so inclined, but also a way for trail users to forward their cause for the development of legitimate trails in a given area. If you want to keep something secret don’t upload it to the internet.

There is a privacy setting on Strava as well. I haven’t had the occasion to use it as of yet, but certainly worthy using at times.

Making a ride private does not exclude it from the heatmap or bulk data that can be bought from Strava. You have to opt-out of contributing your anonymized public activity data to Strava Metro and the Heatmap in the privacy settings area.

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Didn’t know that…Thanks Bent!

really, if somebody does not want to contribute their data to the big business or Gov’t, they should keep their phone off. I doubt anybody in Gov’t here is progressive enough to use tech like this for good or bad.

I don’t know about trails but I did have some small influence on Blue Route with NS TIR and Bicycle NS and I used Strava Heat Map for that.

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I stand corrected! I’m glad it is being used for some planning.

To clarify I am just a concerned citizen who met with TIR and BNS staff at an active transportation meeting and told them where people ride on the road, which I based on Strava Heat Map and anecdotal information. I am not an NS Gov’t or BNS staff member or anything. :slight_smile: