Strava glitching

Has anyone one else had issues with strava glitching out on them during rides

Its paused on me 10 seconds into two out of my last 4 rides

Are you using a phone App or a Computer?

Phone. I get it gettint misreadings for times. But pausing mid ride on its own grrrr or as soon qs i start

Try turning the Auto-Pause function off in the app.
Click record/settings(top right corner)/ auto-pause.

Ok cool didnt know i could do that. In the spring i might invest in a less expensive computer

Shit off battery saving mode on your phone. A garmin watch will get more use than a computer but I did have luck with my Xoss computer that was 38 bucks except for one ride.

Im extremely hard on watches… i stopped wearing them years ago… if i get a smart watch id have to debate if the cost is worth it compared to a computer