Strava good or bad

I’ve been using Strava for a couple of months. Not for the competitive aspect but to keep track of how much I’m riding, how far I go and where I’ve been. I keep my rides private and don’t have any interest in being king of the mountain (not that I could if I wanted to lol). I have noted the leaderboards with mild interest but it’s definitely not my motivation to ride.

Is it good or bad? Good for me I think… I just wish I could remember to turn it on.

It’s been all good for me.

find new trails
track my personal progress
shared rides and trail comments with some friends

I could see it being bad (maybe) if we had a larger community here or if I were super competitive and anywhere near the top.

If you had a secret trail that you were not wanting to share with others and someone rode it with strava… well fck you why aren’t you sharing the fun?

There are some people who aren’t on Strava? :slight_smile:

Love Strava, makes tracking, recording and comparing super simple. This is all stuff that I, and many others tried years ago with ride logs and whatnot, now it’s just so automatic and easy.

I’m not super competitive but do admit it is fun when you rise up the ranks of segments as you get faster. Another aspect is it lets you know how you did, especially with road riding. There have been a couple of times where I thought I was having a terrible ride based on how I was feeling, but after getting home and checking Strava I hit record times for myself, before Strava I would have thought of that as possibly a bad ride.

Just don’t be a Stravasshole, remember that not every ride is a race and to have fun.