Strava help

so I have a cell phone now. those that know me will realize i’m no techno wiz. so I got strava and have been enjoying using it. tonight when I went to go for my ride when I went to feed to turn on the tracker that’s the big red button it was not there instead it just showed my last ride and I can not get it to the proper screen so that I can hit the dam red dot and track my ride. any help would be appreciated.

They did an update recently, but haven’t had time to play with it.

Click on ‘feed’ at the top left corner.

Now there should be a drop down menu, select record activity. Now you should have your big red dot.

my screen does not look the same the feed icon is at the bottom left corner and it does not drop a sub menu down to give you the record activity option.

Apple phone or Android? did you try “swiping” from the side, might get you back to a home or main page.

They just updated the app yesterday and I had to play around with it to figure it out.

On an iPhone, hit the grey circle at the bottom centre of the “Feed” screen.

And then the circle/arrow at the bottom centre of the route map screen.

yeah that’s what I got now just did not realize they had changed the dam thing, frack I hate tech. thanks guys.