Strava meltdown

Hilarious comments on this Strava activity. The first commenter, who now seems to have deleted his account, lost it when his KOM was “stolen”.

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I saw that Dan Lloyd (GCN) had tweeted the link yesterday. Hilarious. Looks like someone forgot what Strava was all about…and took their grumpy pills. Decaf buddy!

looks like you need to sign up just to read it.

If you are on Twitter, they posted screen shots of the thread

I can’t find it on Strava anymore, but here’s an article with screen shots:

Just LOL… fucking ridiculous. I use Strava but just for keeping track of my own progress (or often lack of it). Every one of my rides is private and my results don’t show up on any leaderboards, I know where I stand in the rankings and that’s good enough for me, no need to push anyone else’s results down the list :wink:

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Holy christ. I continue to be amazed at how worked up certain members of the cycling community can get around their little fiefdoms, whether that’s members of cycling organizations, shops or even Strava times. Our group has a lot of fun trying to beat each other on Strava, but it’s never more than anything to laugh about during post ride beers. Which is how it should be. Hell, I’m not fast enough to beat anyone’s KOMs. Usually when one of us gets a top 10 finish there’s a whole WhatsApp group thread about how awesome their ride was.

Although the vast majority of my cycling interactions are awesome, this was the kind of thing that made me walk away from running ecmtb many year ago.