Strava turns off Flyby

But you can turn it on, in your privacy settings if you like!

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Worth turning it on just for the corn maze ride.



Unfortunately (or fortunately) even if you turn it on, it still doesn’t have the same results since everyone else has it off.

They’ve been getting a lot of feedback about it and the safety issues of Flyby, especially for vulnerable groups. I saw some tweets about people who were incredulous that this was even an option and that it was enabled by default.

Honestly, I’ve always been of the opinion that the first thing anyone who installs any app should do is to go into the security and privacy settings and ensure you’re comfortable with the information being shared. Ignorance is not the fault of the app provider, but I can understand why people would not want this enabled by default.


Strava is honestly, by default the ultimate stalking tool in default mode.


Didn’t Strava start charging for the stalker feature?

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