Summer Program Volunteer Night

From the cycling community in Dieppe…

Please come to a meeting to plan out the 2016 schedule for the Cycling Centre. We are looking for energetic volunteers for all of our programs. There are lots of opportunities to lead programs, or simply help out with existing ones. Here is just a few:
Velodrome - Open hours, race series, atlantic championships
BMX - Revitalize the track, establish usage plan
Sprockids (spring/fall) - Take a course and help teach kids in an existing or your own program
Kid’s MTB Race Series (spring) - Run/Volunteer a 6 week program with assistance from city summer students
Adult Racing Programs (All Season) - MTB/Crit/TT/Track/BMX/Cyclocross/etc organizers and volunteers
Youth MTB development (spring/summer) - Help Kids bridge the gap from 15 minute races to Regional/Provincial level
Anything Cycling Related that you want to bring to the table !

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Is this something you’re putting on @riderx?

nope…that’s in moncton.

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