Sunday Hunting. If you don't stop it, who will?

Rawhide here. I can see the blues brothers singing the theme song now!

Andrew Younger of the NS liberals has introduced a bill to allow hunting 7 days a week in Nova Scotia.

We can’t let this bill move.
Make contact now and voice your concerns!!!

Man, I like hunting as much as the next fella, but the rest of folks need a day of relative safety from the few nutters who make the rest of hunters look bad.

I’m all for it. I get 5 days to hunt during deer season (remembrance day is a bonus day if it doesn’t fall on a sunday) so would welcome the extra day.

Don’t worry guys, it ain’t gonna happen in this hyper-christian backwater…

Randy, I presume that you are a responsible hunter by your posts over the years. I know how the lack of time off is in the industry as well.

I’ve been shot towards twice so far, once with repeated .22 fire, and once with shotguns. It sucks. I like knowing people shouldn’t have rifles in the woods on one day of the weekend so the rest of us can rest a bit easier. I don’t think it’s hyper-christian related, just that it’s a day that families traditionally all had off. It’s not totally fair, but the only way to prevent accidents from the few trigger happy idiots is to keep all hunters out of the woods.

Makes me like bow hunting more. Longer season, less hassles, more competence with your weapon, usually. I guess we can take comfort in the fact we are usally noisy in different ways from yummy critters, and the lazy hunters don’t go back as far into the woods as we do unless it’s by ATV/pickup. And even then, they usually hang out in a tree rather than stalk anything or look for sign, play the wind and whatnot. It’ll be oer soon enough.

Don’t worry guys, it ain’t gonna happen in this hyper-christian backwater…
That was my argument against it. Since we are already considered Canada’s morons why would we want to make ourselves look like bigger hillbllies?

Now pardon me while I go milk the goat and pluck a chicken for dinner!

LOL. I’m actually quite jealous of you guys sometimes, Troy. I like to think it would be nice to disappear into the set of “The Walton’s” sometimes…

The Waltons? Son, we are on the set of Gun Smoke here.