Sunday Morning & Any Evening

Posting up for a Sunday morning ride at the Cobequid Rd Trails… 10 AM sounds about right.

Also, now that the sun is here to stay for a while, I’ve fallen behind in projects on the trail, so if any one wants to come out and lend a hand, give me a shout as I’ll be heading up any day I can from 3-6PM.

As an added bonus, I’ll include free bug spray to the first 100 callers. Also guaranteed is some sweat, some blisters and a great feeling of improving a great trail. Text me at 902-981-8098

If anyone is heading out there on sunday from Halifax and can tolerate taking an Australian in their car I’d love to ride out there. Be happy to help on the trails in the evenings if i can hitch a lift too! Not so interested in improving trails, mainly just trying to score free bug spray :slight_smile:
Please message or text 778 251 6475 if you have room!

Just a reminder of the ride this morning @ 10AM

Hope you hooked up with a ride wooly… would love to show you the trail.

Thanx to Jamieson, Pat and Steve for braving the heat for a ride today… my sympathies for the racers in the valley.

Riding tomorrow @ 10AM?

Sorry, I won’t be out tomorrow but feel free to come out and enjoy the trail… :slight_smile: